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Clinical Bone Repair

Key examples of the clinical need for bone regeneration strategies are spinal non-union (A) and revision hip (B) and knee (C) replacement  surgery. The arrows indicate areas of significant bone loss.
Clinical need

Many clinical scenarios require the replacement of large volumes of lost bone. Bone graft substitutes have been developed using tissue engineering strategies to address these problems. Our research has focused on improving the biological and mechanical properties of existing bone graft strategies - using the principles of tissue engineering to promote bone formation. For example, by supplementing bone graft with stem cells enriched from the bone marrow, we have observed marked in bone repair in the clinic. In collaboration with orthopaedic surgeons in Southampton, we are making tentative steps towards translating these approaches into clinical practice to improve bone healing.

We applying tissue engineering principles to clinical bone grafting strategies to enhance bone formation, for example by supplementing graft with bone marrow cells (A and B) or applying trabecular met
Tissue engineering



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