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Dr Adam Geraghty BSc, MSc, PhD, CPsychol, FHEA.

Associate Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Medicine

Dr Adam Geraghty's photo

Dr Adam Geraghty is an Associate Professor and Research Psychologist in the School of Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine.

My research involves the application of psychological science in developing interventions and improving treatment in primary care

Dr Geraghty's research involves the application of psychological science to challenging issues in primary care. He has led projects to support patients in self-managing problems such as back pain, severe emotional distress and chronic dizziness. He is interested in how digital interventions can be used to deliver and increase access to treatment, and also how they can help researchers understand why interventions work (e.g. mechanisms). Dr Geraghty draws on a diverse range of approaches including randomised controlled trials, cross sectional studies, systematic reviews and qualitative methods to address questions with the aim of improving the health of patients. He is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) as a Chartered Psychologist and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Research interests

Dr Geraghty’s interests focus broadly around:

  1. The psychology of self-management (including placebo response)
  2. Self-management of pain and other chronic symptoms/conditions
  3. Digital interventions for primary care and public health
  4. Mental health

These interests are reflected in his current grant projects:

Grants as PI or Co-PI:

Little P, Geraghty A, (Co-PIs), Butler C, Hay A, Ainsworth B, Yardley L, Moore M, Stuart S, Yao L, Raftery j. Reducing Common infections in Usual practice for Recurrent Respiratory tract infections (RECUR). 2019-2025. NIHR PGfAR: £2,462,362.

Geraghty A (PI), Little P, Roberts L, Foster NE, Hill JC, Hay E, Stuart B, Turner D, Yardley L, Griffiths G,. Using an internet intervention to support self-management of low back pain in primary care: A randomised controlled trial of clinical and cost-effectiveness (SupportBack 2). 2018-2022. NIHR HTA: £1,204,468.

Geraghty A (PI), Little P, Yardley L, Roberts L, Hay E, Foster N, Hill J, Turner D, Leigh L. Internet intervention supporting management of low back pain in primary care: A feasibility study (SUPPORT BACK). 2013-2016. NIHR RfPB: £249,934.

Geraghty A (PI), Moore M, Little P, Yardley L, Muñoz R. Internet-based distress reduction in primary care. 2012-2015. NIHR School of Primary Care Research (NSPCR): £45,094.

Geraghty A (PI), Little P, Stuart B, Moore M. Distinguishing emotional distress from emotional disorder in primary care: A cross sectional study of the Four Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ) in consecutive attenders. 2013-2015. NIHR SPCR: £19,779.

Yardley, L. Geraghty A, (Co-PIs) Kirby, S. Little, P. Bronstein, A. Andersson, G. Carlbring, P. Stuart, B. Turner, D. Online dizziness intervention for older adults. 2012-2015. Dunhill Medical Trust: £155,380.

Grants as Co-applicant:

Kendrick T, Moore M, Leydon G, Stuart B, Geraghty A, Griffiths G, Dewar-Haggart R, Williams S, Yao G, Dowrick C, Lewis G, May C. Patient-reported outcome measures for monitoring primary care patients with depression: PROMDEP randomised controlled trial. 2018-2021. NIHR HTA: £1,668,028.

Kendrick T, Geraghty A, Stuart B, Leydon G, Yao G, Moncrieff J, Collinson S, Snell T, May C, Dowrick C, Griffiths G, Lewis G, Moore M, Little P, Gilbody S, Macleod U. REviewing long term anti-Depressant Use by Careful monitoring in Everyday practice (REDUCE) programme. 2016-2022. NIHR PGfAR  £2,246,128.

Little P, Yardley L, Richardson A, Foster C, Eccles D, Geraghty A, Lewith G, Neal R, Shanaya R,  Stuart B,  Watson E, White P, Wilkinson C, Yao GL. Cancer: Life affirming survivorship support in primary care (CLASP) programme. 2016-2021. NIHR PGfAR £2,355,518.

Lewith, G. Bishop, F. Little, P. Everitt, H. Geraghty A. Creating a taxonomy to harness the placebo effect in UK primary care. 2012-2013. NIHR School of Primary Care Research (NSPCR): £48,555.

Eyles C, Copson E, Foster C, Richardson A, Hoffman C, Lewith G, Fenlon D, Leydon G, Geraghty A, Watts S, Davies, Turner L. Understanding and perceptions of mindfulness-based interventions and development of an adapted mindfulness intervention for breast cancer patients. 2014-2015. Breast Cancer Care: £20,000.

Thomas M, Brien S, Leydon G, Wilkinson T, Lewith G, Geraghty A. Evaluating adjunctive MBSR on quality of life and mood symptoms for patients significantly affected with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Phase 1: A qualitative exploration £26,339.

Yardley L, Little P, McManus R, Bruton A, Thomas M, Murray E, Michie S, May C, Mair F, Geraghty A, Williams B, Smith P, Weal M, Raftery J. Integrating digital interventions into patient self-management support (DIPSS). 2014-2018. NIHR PGfAR: £1,999,311.

Kendrick A, Dowrick C, Geraghty A, Gilbody S, Lewis G, Leydon G, Moore M, Pilling S, Stuart B, Yao GL. Feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial of patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) in the assessment and follow-up monitoring of patients with depression in primary care. Submitted to NIHR RfPB: £249,792.

Please visit the Primary Care website.

Research group

Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education

Affiliate research group

Research project(s)


The DIPSS (Integrating Digital Interventions into Patient Self-Management Support) project has received funding of £2 million from the NIHR to examine patient digital self-management with healthcare professional support in primary care. Our aim is to develop digital behaviour change interventions for asthma and hypertension self-management, which will be examined in feasibility studies and full RCT (hypertension only). Issues surrounding the feasibility, acceptability, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of digital intervention delivery will be explored with patients and healthcare professionals for each condition.

Healthy Paths - Exploring primary care patients’ experience of an internet intervention ‘Healthy Paths’ for emotional distress

Patients’ experiences of self-management interventions for chronic widespread pain including fibromyalgia: A systematic review and thematic synthesis (CWP Qualitative Review)

Patient-reported outcome measures for monitoring primary care patients with depression: PROMDEP randomised controlled trial.

We want to look at whether giving personal feedback to people being treated for depression might help them get better more quickly.

REDUCE (REviewing long term anti-Depressant Use by Careful monitoring in Everyday practice)

Reducing common infections in usual practice for recurrent respiratory tract infections: The RECUR Programme

Retrospective Survey of Prevention, Treatment, Occurrence and Outcomes of Covid-19 in the community (RTO-Covid-19)

This is a survey about what people have done to try and prevent and treat Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.

Supporting self-management of low back pain with an internet intervention in primary care: A randomised controlled trial of clinical and cost-effectiveness (SupportBack 2)

In the SupportBack 2 trial we aim to find out if an internet intervention, with or without physiotherapist support, can be effective in helping primary care patients manage low back pain.

Pre-GRACE - GRoup Alexander lessons for Chronic musculoskeletal pain in Everyday practice (GRACE): preliminary development

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Dr Geraghty’s teaching and mentoring is currently focused around supervision. He is co-supervising two PhD students on diverse projects including internet-based self-management and behavioural infection control. He supervises 4th year medical students each year.

Dr Adam Geraghty
Primary Care and Population Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
University of Southampton
Aldermoor Health Centre
Aldermoor Close
Southampton SO16 5ST
T: 023 8059 1770
F: 023 8070 1125

Room Number : 9590 AHC/120/S2

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