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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

What our students think

Photo of Nick

Southampton’s first-rate facilities and research links provided me with a good research project and the practical skills to pursue a PhD.

Nick - PhD Deep-sea biology
Photo of James Alderman

A great thing about studying at NOCS is its reputation; which means major companies know they can come and find high quality students for future employment.

James Alderman - MSci Geophysics
Photo of Michelle Barnett

Things I enjoy most about studying at the University of Southampton are the quality of facilities provided for students, along with the good atmosphere, which makes working more enjoyable.

Michelle Barnett - MSci Marine Biology
Photo of Rachel Boschen

The experience gained from my course has secured me internships abroad at the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Centre at the University of New England, Maine and at the NOCS working with ChEss.

Rachel Boschen - MSci Marine Biology
Photo of Alice Christianson

The geology programme offered a lot of fieldwork experience, much better than being restricted to lectures and both the marine biology and geology departments have excellent academic reputations.

Alice Christianson - BSc Geology with Marine Biology
Photo of Alex Coleman

Although the trips train us to be field geologists they also are great fun, and give us a chance to get to know the other students and lecturers really well - maybe that’s why Geology is rated so highly as a subject in student satisfaction surveys!

Alex Coleman - MSci Geology
Photo of Daniel N Drummond

I completed a year abroad at Penn State University in the US. The year was full of countless great experiences and I would recommend it to anyone.

Daniel N Drummond - MSci Geophysics with year abroad
Photo of Freya Garry

The oceanography field-courses and research projects are great opportunities to make the most of the excellent resources here at NOCS and put what you have been learning into practice.

Freya Garry - MSci Oceanography
Photo of Becky Hampshire

After extensive research and plenty of university open days the only oceanography course that jumped out at me was at the University of Southampton.

Becky Hampshire - MSci Oceanography
Photo of Michael Henehan

There is almost always a top-drawer expert on a specialist subject somewhere in the building that you can approach with your questions; it really feels like you are at a hub of cutting-edge research.

Michael Henehan - PhD Geochemistry/Palaeoclimate
Photo of Denise Herrera

The opportunities are phenomenal. The mixture of theoretical and hands on learning is what I think makes this course so much fun and keeps it interesting.

Denise Herrera - MSci Marine Biology
Photo of Otto Karhunen

There is a strong sense of energy and excitement buzzing around at NOCS. It is great and very inspiring to study amongst world-renowned scientists.

Otto Karhunen - MSci Geology
Photo of Jo Kerr

One of the highlights of my four years was the Falmouth field course. This course provided an insight into working as part of a research team, allowing students to take samples from on board the University’s research vessel, analyse them in the laboratory, and create a report of the work completed.

Jo Kerr - MSci Oceanography
Photo of Leigh Marsh

After graduating, I was employed for four years within the marine environmental sector for both government agencies and commercial companies, all of which I am sure would not have been within my reach without a degree from the University of Southampton.

Leigh Marsh - Masters degree Oceanography
Photo of Patrick Martin

I enjoyed plenty of opportunities for going to sea to do fieldwork, both on British ships and, via international collaborations, on foreign ships.

Patrick Martin - PhD Oceanography
Photo of Zachary Mazlan

Two of my greatest passions have always been the sea and travel. The Masters of Oceanography program with a year abroad has given me the opportunity to pursue both of these interests while studying at some of the most renowned research institutions in the world.

Zachary Mazlan - MSci Oceanography with study abroad
Photo of Catriona Menzies

Demonstrating to undergraduates has personally been very rewarding. It is an important part of the PhD experience in helping to improve your teaching technique as well as keeping up to date with material you may not have covered since your own undergraduate days.

Catriona Menzies - PhD Geochemistry
Photo of Nathan Payne

I was instantly impressed by the facilities available to me as a prospective student, from the highly reputable schools of physics and maths, where I would spend part of my first year, to the purpose built waterfront campus, home to Ocean and Earth Science.

Nathan Payne - MSci Geophysics
Photo of Natasha  Phillips

Choosing a marine biology degree was very simple for me as it is all I have ever wanted to do. As the best university in the UK for marine sciences, with fantastic resources and internationally renowned scientists lecturing, the University of Southampton was the only choice for me.

Natasha Phillips - MSci Marine Biology
Photo of Lizzie Powell

Since coming to the university it is not an uncommon event to read about the lecturers and staff involved in worldwide and groundbreaking research, which only serves to further highlight the calibre of work at the centre.

Lizzie Powell - MSci Geophysics, 2014
Photo of Rosalyn Putland

I chose to study the masters course as it gave me a wide selection of courses to choose from, as well as allowing me to gain hands- on field research experience in a number of specific field trips and throughout individual courses.

Rosalyn Putland - MSci Marine Biology with study abroad
Photo of Dave Reading

Ocean and Earth Science at Southampton is a fantastic place to gain a full range of skills and knowledge. Everything you need to know is taught in such an engaging and personal way, from lectures to lab experiments, thanks to the open teaching style and hugely knowledgeable staff.

Dave Reading - MSci Geology
Photo of Mira Stenman

Not only are the facilities here amazing, but the level of teaching and support offered to students is top notch. I really enjoy learning about all the different kinds of research going on within NOCS.

Mira Stenman - MSci Marine Biology
Photo of Katie Sullivan

Between my third and fourth year at the University of Southampton I took part in the Anglo American Student Technical Experience Programme (STEP). This work experience programme lets you see what it is like working for one of the world’s leading mining companies.

Katie Sullivan - MSci Geology
Photo of Emma Whelan

The teaching staff are friendly, professional and always willing to help. Their enthusiasm and expertise in the subject radiates in lectures. I feel they are not just helping us to get a degree but to create a career.

Emma Whelan - MSci Marine Biology
Photo of Martin  Wood

Since coming to the University I have essentially experienced exactly what I was promised - the course has been challenging and diverse, and as an added bonus has made me highly employable!

Martin Wood - MSci Geology
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