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Dr Katherine  Bradbury PhD, MSc, BSc

Principal Research Fellow in Health Psychology

Dr Katherine  Bradbury

Dr Katherine Bradbury is a Health Psychologist and Principal Research Fellow based in Psychology at the University of Southampton.

Dr Bradbury’s main interest is in helping individuals to prevent illness, treat or self-manage health conditions and maximise their wellbeing. She has particular expertise in developing and evaluating complex behaviour change interventions, including digital interventions and is especially interested in how to maximise engagement with and implement such interventions. Through her work in this area Dr Bradbury co-created the ‘Person-Based’ Approach, which uses mixed methods to develop interventions which are engaging, accessible and motivating for end users. This methodology has resulted in a number of successful interventions, published in journals such as the Lancet and BMJ.

Dr Bradbury also has an interest in how so called ‘contextual’ aspects of a treatment, such as the patient-practitioner relationship impact on patients’ behaviour and health outcomes. Her PhD thesis focussed on how contextual factors vary between NHS and private healthcare settings and she has continued this research with subsequent grants which explore the impact of treatment context on health outcomes.

Dr Bradbury is registered as a Health Psychologist with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS). She previously completed a PhD in Health Psychology and Professional Practice (University of Southampton), an MSc in Health Psychology (Coventry University) and a BSc (Hons) in Psychology (Coventry University).

Research interests

Dawes, H. Bradbury, K et al. Digital PhysioOT: a home digital physio and occupational therapy technology for reversing frailty and keeping people moving. EPSRC. £400,000.

Fox, C., Bradbury, K et al. SPLENDID: a social prescribing intervention for people living with dementia. NIHR PGfAR. £2,687,230.

Reeves, N., Bradbury K et al. Socksess: developing smart sensing socks for early detection of diabetic foot ulcers. EPSRC £400,000.

Vedhara, K., Bradbury, K et al. Face It: Development and feasibility trial of an intervention to promote face mask wearing in secondary schools. NIHR SPCR. £81,184

Bradbury, K. et al. Implementing a digital physical activity intervention for older adults. (2021-2022). NIHR ARC Wessex. £38,127. 

Murphy, J., Bradbury, K., et al. Implementation of a digital health coaching intervention for older people with frailty in Wessex. (2021-2023). NIHR ARC Wessex. £177,869. 

Carmen-Portillo, M., Bradbury, K. et al. PARTNERS project. Development and implementation of a digital tool for multisectoral support and management of long term conditions. (2021-2024). NIHR ARC Wessex. £179,000. 

Stokes, M., Bradbury, K. et al. Non digital support for maintaining physical activity in people with long-term conditions – within maintenance of physical activity behaviour (MOTH) programme. (2021-2024). NIHR ARC Wessex. £107.881. 

Ibrahim, K., Bradbury, K. et al. The development and implementation ofa multidisciplinary medication review and deprescribing intervention among frail older people in primary care (MODIFY). (2021-2024). NIHR ARC Wessex. £139,566.

Murray, E., Goodfellow, H., Bradbury, K. et al. Supported remote rehabilitation post Covid-19: development, deployment and evaluation of a digitally enabled rehabilitation programme. (2020-2022). NIHR Covid Recovery and Learning. £757,961.19

Bradbury, K. et al. (2020-2021). Helping older adults to be active during the Covid pandemic and beyond. ESRC IAA. £12,000

Little P, Geraghty A, Bradbury, K. et al. Reducing Common infections in Usual practice for Recurrent Respiratory tract infections (RECUR). (2019-2025). NIHR PGfAR. £2,462,362

Vedhara, K., Game, F., Bradbury, K. et al. (2019-2025) Reducing the impact of diabetic foot ulcers on patients and the health service: the REDUCE programme. NIHR PGfAR, £2,624,206

Western, M., Bradbury, K. et al. (2018-2019) GetAMoveOn: Online physical activity assessment tool for older adults. EPSRC, £50,000

Bradbury, K. et al. (2018-2021) Improving quality of life for cancer survivors: understanding how a digital behaviour change intervention works and how to maximise its implementation in practice. BRC, £60,111

Beeken, R., Bradbury, K., et al. (2016-17). Conversation Time. Cancer Research UK, £20,000

Vedhara, K., Game, F., Bradbury, K. et al (2016-17) Reducing the impact of diabetic foot ulcers on patients and the health service: the REDUCE programme. NIHR Programme Development Grant, £100,000

Morrison, L., Bradbury, K. et al. (2015-16) Integrating effective weight management programmes into community-based public health services. Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Development Fund, £9795

Bishop, F., Bradbury, K. et al (2014-2018). Non-specific Mechanisms in Orthodox and CAM management of back pain (MOCAM), Arthritis UK, £124,988

Bradbury, K. et al. (2010) Physiotherapy and Osteopathy in the NHS and private practice: A longitudinal questionnaire study. Osteopathic Educational Foundation, £999

Research group

Centre for Clinical and Community Applications of Health Psychology (CCCAHP)

Research project(s)


The DIPSS (Integrating Digital Interventions into Patient Self-Management Support) project has received funding of £2 million from the NIHR to examine patient digital self-management with healthcare professional support in primary care. Our aim is to develop digital behaviour change interventions for asthma and hypertension self-management, which will be examined in feasibility studies and full RCT (hypertension only). Issues surrounding the feasibility, acceptability, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of digital intervention delivery will be explored with patients and healthcare professionals for each condition.

Mechanisms in Orthodox and Complementary Alternative Medicine Management of Back Pain (MOCAM study)

REDUCE (REviewing long term anti-Depressant Use by Careful monitoring in Everyday practice)

CLASP Cancer: Life Affirming Survivorship support in Primary care


Software that enables behavioural scientists to create online behavioural interventions

Reducing common infections in usual practice for recurrent respiratory tract infections: The RECUR Programme

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I supervise the research of a number of MSc, PhD and medical students and occasionally supervise undergraduate students. I provide occasional lectures on specialist topics. In 2017 I was awarded a faculty teaching award for outstanding teaching.

Dr Katherine Bradbury
Building 44 Highfield Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 44/3063

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