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Welcome to our Bioengineering research case studies

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Much of our bioengineering research is organised through a number of proactive, interdisciplinary research centres. The Network for Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Prevention (NAMRIP) works to combat the increasing resistance that microbes display to countermeasures like antibiotics. Our Human Factors Research Unit (HFRU) conducts research related to human responses to vibration and our Hearing and Balance Centre (HABC) works to improve the quality of life of patients with hearing and/or balance disorders. We are researching biomechanics related to prostheses and orthotics, where the combination of theoretical modelling, sensors and innovative manufacturing promises higher quality of life.

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Advancing healthcare research

We take an interdisciplinary user-centred design approach to discover and develop technologies to help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and mobility disorders.

heptic hearing aid

A haptic hearing aid

We have been using vibration (haptic stimulation) on wrists to deliver sound information to hearing-impaired listeners and provide large improvements in their ability to understand speech or locate sounds.

imaging technology

Next-generation imaging technology

Our team in Southampton is providing the next-generation 3D imaging tools to augment and surpass 2D microscopic histology routinely by developing a new technology called 3D X-ray histology.

skin deep

Skin deep in modelling

We are developing the next-generation of mathematical and computational biophysical models of skin to tackle some of the current and future grand societal challenges.

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