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The University of Southampton
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Professor Jeremy G Frey BA, MA, DPhil, FRSC, FRSS, M Inst. P,

Professor of Physical Chemistry, Head of Computational Systems Chemistry, PI AI for Scientific Discovery Network

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Professor Jeremy G Frey is Professor of Physical Chemistry within Chemistry at the University of Southampton.

An integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to research

Jeremy Frey obtained his DPhil on experimental and theoretical aspects of van der Waals complexes in the Physical Chemistry Labs, Oxford University under the supervision of Professor Brian Howard, followed by a NATO/EPSRC fellowship at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and University of California, with Professor Y. T. Lee. In 1984 he took up a lectureship at the University of Southampton, where he is now Professor of Physical Chemistry. His experimental research probes molecular organization in environments from single molecules in molecular beams to liquid interfaces using laser spectroscopy from the IR to soft X-rays. He investigates how e-Science infrastructure supports scientific research with an emphasis on the way digital infrastructure can enhance the intelligent creation, dissemination and analysis of scientific data. This work blends with his computational and theoretical interests focussing on chemcial informatics for the prediction of chemcial properties making use of AI and Machine Learning as well as developments in modern mathematical ideas (e.g. Topological Data Analysis).

Research interests

The applications of linear and non-linear spectroscopy and imaging to the study of interfacial and nano-scale chemistry. Looking at the molecular organisation and chemistry of the air/water and oil/water interfaces, with applications to environmental (atmospheric) chemistry, biological and industrial processes.

The application of modern computer (web) science to the chemistry research process for experimental laboratory research and computational studies – “from the Laboratory to literature and back” as an illustration of the wider impact of the World Wide Web and Digital Economy on science and the citizen. 

I am an associate member of the Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute – S3RI,

and a member of the Institute for Life Sciences (IfLS) 

Current students


Jack Doyle

Steve Brewer

Oliver Tearle


Michael Blakey

also see students with the joint Laser X-Ray Project joint with Bill Brocklesby, ORC

Post-Docs / Research Assistants

Naruo Yoshihora

Dr. Samantha Kanza (Enterprise Fellow)

Dr. Nicola Knight

Dr. Stephen Gow

Techical & Enterprise

Sam Munday


Colin Bird

Richard Chapman

Cerys Willoughby

Company Links

Microsoft, IBM, Lonza, Syngenta, Local Treasures

MPhil/PhD research

AI for Scientific Discovery

x-ray microscopy

High Harmonic Generation

Chemical Informatics & Semantic Web

Non-linear spectroscopy and imaging

Structure and chemistry of the air/water and oil/water interfaces

Digital Economy and IT as a Utility

Research project

Topological Data Analysis - Joning the Dots 

Research group

Computational Systems Chemistry

Research project(s)

Frey: Laser spectroscopy

Frey: End-to-End Digital Support for Chemical Research e-Science Project

Frey: Ultrafast nanscale x–ray scattering

Frey: IT as a Utility

Optimal design of experiments for second harmonic generation in chemistry


Head of Computational Chemical Systems Group.


FEPS GCRF Champion.



Member of the UKRI/EPSRC Physical Sciences SAT
Member of the Committee on Electronic Publications and Chemical Data Standards (CEPCDS)
Member of the IUPAC Div 1 Committee
Chair, IUPAC Green Book 5th Edition Project

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Key Publications



Book Chapters




Teaching and Learning roles

Personal tutor

Year 1 Physical Chemistry Tutorials and Lab Assessments

Year 1 Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 1008)

Year 2 Lecturer and Coordinator for  Equilibrium and Change (CHEM 2012)

Year 3 Module coordinator for and contributor to the Year 3 Atmospheric Chemistry (CHEM 3036)

Year 1 Future Programming

Year 4 Digital Chemistry

Year 3 and Year 4 Project supervisor

Year 2/Year 3 and Year 4 Summer intern projects

Professor Jeremy G Frey
Chemistry, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number: 27/2029

Professor Jeremy G Frey's personal home page
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