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The University of Southampton
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Dr Ingrid Muller BSc, MSc, PhD, CPsycol

Lecturer, School of Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education

Dr Ingrid Muller's photo

Dr Ingrid Muller is a Health Psychologist and Lecturer in the School of Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine.

Her research involves applying behavioural science to understand and develop interventions aimed at improving health and well-being. Dr Muller has developed and evaluated complex behavioural interventions to support people self-managing long-term conditions such as eczema, acne, diabetes, chronic dizziness, and COPD.  Much of her work has focused on how people engage with health interventions, and how to enhance accessibility and support for people with low health literacy. Dr Muller co-created the Person-Based Approach to intervention development, which uses mixed methods to develop interventions which are engaging, accessible and motivating for end users. This methodology has been used internationally to develop successful, high impact interventions.

Dr Muller is registered as a Health Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS).


Research interests

Dr Muller’s research interests focus on exploring and promoting self-management of chronic health conditions. She has specific expertise in intervention development, health behaviour change, digital health, qualitative research, and mixed research methods.

Research grants

Willcox M, Mubangizi V, Muller I, Raftery J, Stuart B, Kabakyenga J, McGrath N. Antenatal Couples’ Counselling in Uganda (ACCU). 2020 – 2022. MRC (£151,819).

Teasdale E, Francis N, Muller I, Santer M. Views and experiences of community nurses and practice nurses of leg care and prevention of cellulitis: qualitative interview study. 2020-2021. NIHR SPCR (£21,000).

Willcox M, Plastow J, Muller I, Mubangizi V, Nakaggwa F, Nahawe H, Family planning: fact or fiction. 2018-2020. MRC Global Public Health Partnership (£49,305).

Farquhar M, Ewing G, Muller I, Benson J, Mahadeva R, Gilligan D, Burkin J, Booth S, Todd C, Howson S, Lovick R. Development, refinement, and acceptability of an educational intervention for informal carers of patients with breathlessness study 2 (LaB2). 2018-2020. NIHR RfPB (£164,970).

Adams J, Rogers A, Muller I, Vassilev I, Wilson N, Ewings S, Arden N, Stokes M, Brooks C, Race C, Protheroe J, Margham T, Lawson J, Hunter D, Whale L, Smith S, Richardson J. Development of a community networked digital self-management intervention for older people to keep active with joint pain (CONTAIN joint pain). 2017-2019. NIHR CLAHRC (£98,225).

Santer M, Thomas K, Muller I, Little P, Yardley L, Stuart B, Chalmers J, Langan S, Williams H, Ridd M, Roberts A, Ahmed A, Lawton S, Griffiths G, Sach T. Supporting self-care for eczema in the community. 2017-2023.  NIHR PGfAR (£2,631,802).

Santer M, Leyton A, Francis N, Griffiths G, Little P, Muller I, Nuttall J, Ridd M, Sach T, Stuart B, Thomas K, Thomas K. Spironolactone for persistent adult female acne. 2017-2020. NIHR HTA (£1,608,000).

Ridd M, Santer M, Boyle B, Chalmers J, Blair P, Heawood A, Coast J, Garfield K, Marriage D, Grimshaw K, Muller I, Kai J, Jameson C, Bolton H. The TEST (Trial of Eczema allergy Screening Tests) Study: feasibility randomised controlled trial with economic evaluation and nested qualitative study. 2017-2020. NIHR SPCR (£579,361).

Muller I, Stuart B, Morrison L, Little P, Santer M. Patient reported outcome measures for acne: mixed methods validation study. 2016-2018. NIHR SPCR (£42,454). 

Santer M, Muller I, El-Gohary M. Understanding patient experiences self-managing recurrent cellulitis. 2016-2017. NIHR SPCR (£45,332).

Research project(s)

Please visit the Primary Care website.

Southampton Clinical Trials Unit project
SAFA - Spironolactone for Adult Female Acne Research study

Affiliate research groups

Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education, Primary Care Research group

Research project(s)

CELLULITIS - Experiences of cellulitis and views about causation and prevention

Cellulitis is a painful bacterial infection of the skin and underlying tissues, usually as a result of breaks in the skin allowing bacteria to get through. This is a survey and interview study of people who have had cellulitis to find out more about their views around the causes of cellulitis and their experiences of preventing recurrent episodes.

ECO - Eczema Care Online

This programme of research aims to promote effective eczema self-care by improving individuals’ knowledge of eczema treatments and influencing attitudes, skills, and habits related to treatment use.   

Family Planning: Fact or Fiction?

In this project, we would like to develop and evaluate health education films on family planning in two areas of Uganda.

Cost-effectiveness of self-management of dizziness in primary care

An evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of booklet-based self-management of dizziness in primary care, with and without expert telephone support.

Diabetes Literacy

Antenatal Couples’ Counselling in Uganda (ACCU)

  • Academic Programme Lead, ECO project
  • Co-Chair of the SAPC Behaviour Change Special Interest Group
  • Mentor
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  • PSYC 6002 - Psychology and the Delivery of Health Care (MSc Health Psychology)


  • PhD student Rachel Ryves
  • PhD student Athena Ip
  • PhD student Bethan Treadgold
  • PhD student Sam Hornsey
  • Medical student projects
Dr Ingrid Muller
Primary Care and Population Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
University of Southampton
Aldermoor Health Centre
Aldermoor Close
Southampton SO16 5ST

Room Number: 9590 AHC/115/S2

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