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Biochemistry (BSc)

Bachelor of Science
Length of course
3 years, starts September 2020
Course type
UCAS course code

About this course

Biochemistry answers the ultimate questions about how living organisms work. It covers topics from DNA to proteins, single molecules to cells, all the way up to complex lifeforms. You'll study the molecular processes of life itself, and gain the skills to become a biochemist.

Our Biochemistry course will let you explore the biochemical sciences, and develop your laboratory skills.

Our teaching staff are at the forefront of research in areas like:

  • the molecular basis of disease

  • oncology

  • structural biology

  • DNA recognition

  • cell signalling

 As part of your degree you can:

  • choose specialised, optional modules in areas that interest you

  • solve problems in areas like pathology, pharmacology, and genetics

  • study abroad at one of our partner universities

  • take a year out to work in industry

  • develop practical skills during your project

  • use your knowledge of biochemistry in education, communication or business

You'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to follow a wide range of careers. These include clinical biochemistry, biotechnology, forensic science and teaching.

You can download the course details, including modules, in the programme specificationPDF opens in a new window (PDF, 347.61 KB).

Location and awarding body

The course location is Highfield campus in Southampton. The awarding body is University of Southampton.

Transfer between courses

Depending on your A levels and performance in year 1, you may be able to transfer to a related biological sciences degree at the end of your first year.