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Biochemistry (MSci)

Integrated Masters degree in Science
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4 years
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About this course

Modern biochemists study the molecular processes of life. Our Biochemistry MSci (integrated masters degree in science) covers topics from DNA to proteins, single molecules to cells, all the way up to complex lifeforms. This course will prepare you for a career in clinical biochemistry, biotechnology or pharmacology. It also provides the perfect foundation for further research or a PhD.

This course will give you a deep understanding of biochemistry, and develop your practical skills in a laboratory.

Our teaching staff are researchers at the forefront of their field. You'll learn how biochemistry can help us develop new drugs, and you'll explore:

  • cell biology
  • pathology
  • pharmacology
  • genetics

In the fourth year, you can work with our research teams on an original, in-depth research project. You'll research the molecular basis of disease, oncology, structural biology and DNA recognition. It will give you a chance to improve your research skills, and help us understand this fascinating field.

As part of your degree you can:

  • take a year out to work in industry
  • study abroad at one of our partner universities
  • specialise in particular areas, tailoring the degree to your own interests
  • take specialist skills modules to learn about cutting-edge technologies
  • use your knowledge of biochemistry in education, communication or business

With a master's in biochemistry, you'll be ready for a wide range of biochemistry careers.

Practicals which use animals or their tissues are an important part of the course. These practicals follow ethical policies and we'll make adjustments for you if you have valid concerns about taking part.

We regularly review our courses to ensure and improve quality. This course may be revised as a result of this. Any revision will be balanced against the requirement that the student should receive the educational service expected. Find out why, when, and how we might make changes.

Our courses are regulated in England by the Office for Students (OfS).


Course location

This course is based at Highfield.

Awarding body

This qualification is awarded by the University of Southampton.

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