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The University of Southampton
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Benson Chong

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It is one of the most reputable universities, not only in England, but across the world being in the top percentile.

Why Southampton?

It is one of the most reputable universities, not only in England, but across the world being in the top percentile. It is also in the south of the country, with neighbouring cities that have beach views and even national parks a stone’s throw away. London isn’t too far away either.

What were you anxious about before coming to Southampton?

I was anxious about moving to a world away from what I’ve known, a new country, oceans from home, and the time to finish my degree and part ways with education and being a student.

Once at Southampton how were your fears overcome?

Southampton has a friendly student vibe across the city, everyone’s welcoming here which settles any nerves of making new friends or being homesick. The work life balance is what you make of it, you can be one of those students that always knuckles down on work and learns more than they should, or you can attend as many societies as you want meet new people, whatever you choose really. I was part of a society called AIESEC for two years, but I enjoyed my final year out of the society with more spare time for friends, be it at the bowling alley, skating at 2am or just eating ice-cream in Portswood.

What is it like studying here?

The course gives you a lot of modules to choose from, where you can tailor it to what suits you, even if it means I only needed to sit one exam for the year. There’s always a Facebook community where you can ask other students for help when you’re stuck, and even peer leaders including myself that tutored first and second years throughout the year.

How are the facilities?

The library is a place to go, book out study rooms for the day and study with mates, and when exams are done you can play games with the absurdly fast internet.


I’ve made friends here that despite being from different countries, I am happy to say are my friends for life. Thanks to the societies and events across the years, I’ve met them and I couldn’t have been more grateful.

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