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Photo of Ivan Aleksandrov
The lecturers are excellent, very enthusiastic about their job and always ready to help. I have found help and comfort in my tutors every time I needed their guidance.
Ivan Aleksandrov - BSc Business Philosophy
Photo of Andrei Angelescu
I have developed myself as a person by meeting new people coming from different cultures. I have also been starting to learn the underlying concepts of how the business world works and increased my knowledge in this area.
Andrei Angelescu - BSc Marketing (4 Year)
Photo of Iulia Boariu
Coming to study at Southampton has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I have made.
Iulia Boariu - BSc Management
Photo of Marthe Borresen
I wanted to study business in the UK and University of Southampton is one of the highest ranked universities in England. The course looked very innovative and the modules seemed to suit me well. Also, the fact that Southampton is pretty close to London, as well as the coast, made the city a good fit for me.
Marthe Borresen - Norwegian
Photo of Francesca Chambers
Southampton's global links allowed me to develop both personally and academically; I spent a year in Hong Kong for my third year of study. The opportunities to broaden your horizons are endless.
Francesca Chambers - BSc International Marketing (now BSc Marketing with Study Abroad)
Photo of Benson Chong
It is one of the most reputable universities, not only in England, but across the world being in the top percentile.
Benson Chong -
Photo of Jodie Colverd
One of the highlights of my time at Southampton has most definitely been partaking in the Business School Society. Getting involved with a society has enabled me to make new friends from different courses and year groups.
Jodie Colverd - BSc Accounting and Finance with placement year
Photo of Jack Cookson
I’ve been interested in the stock market and finance for some time and I know Southampton is one of the best universities in the country to study business subjects. I was very impressed when I came to visit on an open day
Jack Cookson - BSc Business Analytics
Photo of Jacob Cox
My time at Southampton has allowed me to pursue my interests and apply them to my degree. There are so many opportunities to do what you love here.
Jacob Cox - BSc Marketing with Placement Year
Photo of Anna Crumplin
After completing an internship at Deloitte I was offered I graduate job in the audit service line. Without being exposed to employment opportunities whilst at the University this would not have been possible.
Anna Crumplin - BSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Hong Lien Doan
My degree has offered me chances to explore various aspects of business and my placement next year would help me gain practical knowledge of the business world and improve my professional skills.
Hong Lien Doan - Vietnamese
Photo of Jake Gardener
I’ve most enjoyed seeing how the topics I’ve studied in first and second year were relevant in the workplace during my placement year at Walt Disney.
Jake Gardener - BSc Accounting and Finance with placement year
Photo of Sumaiya Hameed
The academic & non-academic opportunities I have under-taken here has not only shaped my career decisions but has also given me the confidence that I am capable of achieving my future goals
Sumaiya Hameed - BSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Tobias Jackson
The modules included in the course are so varied and give a complete view of the business world, which makes me feel more engaged in what I’m doing and has broadened my knowledge.
Tobias Jackson - BSc Marketing with Placement Year
Photo of Joe Knowles
Whilst there is a strong accounting focus, the course’s varied technical content prepares you for many other financial service professions. I spent my placement year at an investment bank, followed by a summer internship at an asset manager, and subsequently accepted a graduate offer from the latter.
Joe Knowles - Accounting and Finance with Placement Year
Photo of Athena Liu
Currently in my placement year, I am a Business Operation (Planning and Analysis) Intern at Norweigan Cruise Lines, which involves preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports for Passenger’s Services, across three brands and different countries. I also plan rosters for teams such as Reservations and Helpdesk, and assist the call centre operation on a daily basis.
Athena Liu - BSc Accounting and Finance (with placement year)
Photo of Erika Mantoura
The business department in particular really makes an effort to vary their teaching methods to ensure the course is as engaging as possible.
Erika Mantoura - BSc Business History
Photo of Amy Morgan
Overall I would say Southampton is a place of opportunity.
Amy Morgan - BSc Business Management with Placement Year
Photo of Samuel Phelps
The University of Southampton offer some fantastic business fairs and events. I’ve met representatives of every bank from Barclays to Zurich, supermarkets from Lidl to Tesco and many others such as Network Rail, Amazon and Jaguar. Having the opportunity to talk to the industry directly about what they are looking for in graduates, really helps shape the person you will become over the next 3 or 4 years.
Samuel Phelps - BSc Business Analytics
Photo of Daniel Pryor
I chose Southampton because I wanted to go to a University that had a good reputation and high quality staff, who are also active researchers.
Daniel Pryor - BSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Samuel Redgrave
The up-to-date curriculum of my course and the passionate nature of the lecturers has allowed me to fully engage with my degree.
Samuel Redgrave - BSc Marketing, Third year
Photo of Andrea Sabia
The opportunity to discuss ideas, concepts, and assignments with my peers has truly enhanced my experience here at Southampton. Given the technical nature of the Business Analytics course, discussing different techniques and approaches can truly sharpen your critical thinking skills.
Andrea Sabia - BSc Business Analytics
Photo of Prabin Sunar
Being around more than 20,000 other students makes it a very inspiring and supporting place to study. I enjoy my course, especially how interactive some lectures are. The highlight of my time here has been my placement at Meridian Corporate Finance.
Prabin Sunar - BSc Accounting and Finance with placement year
Photo of Emma Taylor
I feel like my course relates well to the real world and the lecturers are well-experienced teachers.
Emma Taylor - BSc Business Management
Photo of Calvin Vere-White
Southampton provides opportunities unmatched by most other establishments; the ability to shape your degree the way you can here is exemplary.
Calvin Vere-White - Business Management
Photo of Misato Yoshida
I was amazed by the amount of opportunities and support that University of Southampton offers. I have participated in some workshops such as Deloitte’s teamwork interview, psychometric tests, and been a digital champion.
Misato Yoshida - BSc Business Entrepreneurship

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