Peter Johnson


Primary position:
Professor of Medical Oncology


The University of Southampton

Peter Johnson graduated from Cambridge University and St Thomas's Medical School. He trained in oncology at St Bartholomew's Hospital, where he was an Imperial Cancer Research Fund Clinical Research Fellow and completed his doctoral research on the Bcl-2 gene, its potential as a therapeutic target in lymphoma and the effects of CD40 ligation on the B-cell surface. He was subsequently a Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology in the ICRF Cancer Medicine Research Unit, Leeds and took up the Chair of Medical Oncology in Southampton in 1998. He leads the Southampton Cancer Research UK Centre, responsible for bringing together a broad multidisciplinary group of basic, translational and clinical researchers, and linking the laboratory research to the extensive clinical practice in cancer treatment in the Southampton Cancer Centre. Southampton hosts an Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre and a Clinical Trials Unit, both with core support from NIHR and CR UK. He was appointed Chief Clinician for Cancer Research UK in 2008.


BA, University of Cambridge 1982
MB BChir, University of Cambridge 1985
MA,University of Cambridge 1986
MRCP, Royal College of Physicians 1988
MD, University of Cambridge 1994
FRCP, Royal College of Physicians 1998

Appointments held

House Physician, St Thomas’s Hospital, London. 1986

SHO rotations in General Medicine, Guy’s & St Bartholomew’s Hospitals, London. 1986-1988

Registrar in General Medicine, Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey. 1988-1989

Registrar in Medical Oncology & ICRF Clinical Research Fellow, St Bartholomew’s, London. 1989-1994

Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology, University of Leeds. 1994-1988

Prof of Medical Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton 1998 to current

Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust 1998 to current

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The University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints)


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Research Interests

Peter Johnson specialises in the treatment of lymphoma, and is the Chief Investigator for several lymphoma trials nationally and internationally.

He works closely with the immunologists of the academic group, in particular for basic and translational research into the use of immunostimulatory antibodies. He is the Chief investigator in a phase I clinical trial of an agonistic chimerised anti-CD40 antibody which was developed with Martin Glennie's group, and which is being used to test the idea that CD40 ligation may be able to enhance antigen presentation via licencing of professional APCs, while at the same time directing killing of CD40+ tumour cells.

His current international trials include the RATHL study in advanced Hodgkin lymphoma, investigating the use of FDG-PET scanning to guide treatment intensification or de-escalation, to optimize the balance between efficacy and toxicity. He also leads the REMoDL-B study, the first to use gene expression profiling in real time to stratify treatment for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Academic unit:  Cancer Sciences Academic Unit

Affiliate academic units:  Cancer Sciences Research group


National Responsibilities

Chief Clinician, Cancer Research UK
National Cancer Research Institute, Board member
UK Clinical Research Collaboration, Board member
Academy of Medical Sciences Review of Research Governance and Regulation
National Cancer Research Institute, Lymphoma Clinical Studies Group (Chair from 2005-2011)
National Cancer Research Institute, Clinical and Translational Steering Group, Chair
Genome England, Scientific Advisory Board

International Responsibilities

International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma, Organising Committee
International Symposium on Hodgkin Lymphoma, Scientific Committee
Schweiz. Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klinische Krebsforschung (SAKK), International advisor
Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT) Consortium, Executive Board

Postgraduate Student Supervision

22 successfully completed since 1999
2 in progress

Teaching Responsibilities

Personal tutor

Clinical attachments for final year BM5 students

PhD Training account for Clinical Research Fellows


Professor Peter Johnson
Tel: (023) 8120 6186 Fax: (023) 8120 5152 Email:

Room Number: SGH/CSB/MP824