Doctor Ivo Tews

Dr Ivo Tews

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Natural products biosynthesis: a complex cascade of catalytic steps in vitamin B6 biosynthesis is characterised by structures or reaction intermediates in the large PLP syntase complexEdit
  • Bacterial biofilms: understanding of RedOx regulated phosphodiesterase activity in dispersal of biofilms to address chronic infections
  • Cancer immunology: together with Cancer Immunology at Southampton we use a structure based apporach in developing novel cancer therapie

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Ivo Tews uses crystallography to study molecular interactions. Particular intrests are in large dynamic macromolecular complexes and time resolved techniques. As a member of the CCP4 project for crystallographic software he chairs working group 2, and is engaged in Synchrotron Science at the Diamond Light Source and the EUropean Synchtrotron Radiation Facilty.