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Research Group: International Relations

Currently Active: 

The University of Southampton has a long and proud tradition of International Relations scholarship, with particular strengths in international political theory, strategic and security studies, international development, and global politics. It is a tradition carried forward today by nine scholars based in Politics and International Relations whose reputations and professional links extend throughout the world.

Members of the IR Research Group are:

Steve Chisnall

Research profile

My research focuses on decision making, particularly in the context of crisis management and uncertainty with regards to security challenges.  I am also interested in the role of leadership and the development of strategy in the decision-making processes. My approach has a broad interdisciplinary base, including current research on behavioural economics, neuroscience, simulations and gaming.

Current project(s)

Processes of security decision-making in historical perspective

Explaining failures of security strategy

PhD supervision interests

Decision making

Crisis management

Civil-military relations

Ming-chin Monique Chu

Research profile

My current research focuses on the phenomena of problematic sovereignty on China’s periphery by engaging in ethnographic fieldwork in pertinent polities. I have published work on the phenomena of contested states within the international system as well as East Asian security. I have also published a research monograph, entitled The East Asian Computer Chip War (Routledge, 2013), that examines the impact of production globalization on security pertaining to the strategically important semiconductor industry. My other research interests include the Chinese foreign policy, Sino-U.S. relations, as well as Cross-Strait relations.

Current project(s)

China’s sovereignty challenges

PhD supervision interests

Globalization-security nexus

Practices of sovereignty

Foreign and security policy of China

Cross-Strait relations

Christian Enemark

Research profile

My research focuses on global health politics, international and global security, and the ethics of war. When inquiring into the security politics surrounding infectious disease challenges, I am interested in naturally-occurring disease outbreaks, the use of biological weapons by state and non-state actors, and the risks and benefits of laboratory research on pathogenic microorganisms. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Australian Research Council have previously sponsored my work investigating policy challenges arising where health, security and ethics concerns intersect. Regarding the ethics of war, I am particularly interested in emerging military technologies and developments in Just War theory.

Current project(s)

Emergent ethics of drone violence

Biosecurity and global health

PhD supervision interests

Global health politics

Biological weapons

Ethics of armed conflict

Security theories and practices

John Glenn

Research profile

My current research focuses on two main areas: the economic and security relationship between the United States and China; and the reforms of financial regulation since the crises of 2007/8 and 2009-14.  The former argues that China's development has occurred with an international environment conditioned by the United States and, as a result, further rapid growth will be problematic. The latter provides a critical analysis on the regulatory reform at the international and regional (European Union) level as a result of the financial crises experienced in the last decade. My previous work concentrated on the theoretical approaches to strategic culture alongside empirical work concentrating on national case studies. Prior to that, my research focused on nationalism within the Central Asian successor states (Kasakhstan,Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan)  and the insecurity dilemma within each of these countries.

Current project(s)

The United States' and China's economic and security relationship Regulatory reform since the financial crisis

PhD supervision interests

Economic Development

International Relations

International Political Economy

Security Issues

Jonathan Havercroft

Research profile

My research lies at the intersections of international relations and political theory. I have published work on the historical development and transformation of state sovereignty, 17th century and 20th century political philosophy, space weaponization and security, global dimensions of indigenous politics and hermeneutics. My book Captives of Sovereignty (Cambridge University Press, 2011) looks at the historical origins of state sovereignty, critiques its philosophical assumptions and offers a way to move contemporary critiques of sovereignty beyond their current impasse. I am also the editor of the journal Global Constitutionalism.

Current project(s)

Ethical dimensions of international norms

Theories of political affect

The role of agreement in democratic theory and practice.

PhD supervision interests

International relations theory and political theory (especially projects that lie at the intersection of these two fields)

Ana Margheritis

Research profile

My areas of research interests cut across subfields within Political Science such as Comparative Politics and International Relations and include topics that fall within current discussions in Transnational Migration, Foreign Policy Analysis, Comparative Regional Integration, and International Political Economy. My work focuses on the politics of policymaking and issues that involve domestic and international processes. The underlying concerns are with the redesigning of governmental techniques and the politics of state reform, as well as the conceptualization of the so-called “inter-mestic” processes for cases that do not neatly fit into categories drawn from the practices and models used in advanced and stable political systems.

Current project(s)

Diaspora engagement policies

Regional citizenship

Foreign Policy

Transnational political participation & extra-territorial voting rights

PhD supervision interests

International migration

Foreign policy

Latin American political economy/international relations

David Owen

Research profile

My research in the field of international relations and global politics focuses mainly on the governance of movement and its implications for the distribution of access to mobility rights and civic statuses. I am concerned with bridging the gap between normative theories of migration and theories of migration governance as well as addressing the closely related issue of the political theory of citizenship and of transnational civic statuses.

Current project(s)

Ethics and politics of migration, specifically the political theory of global migration governance.

Citizenship in a Globalizing World, specifically the political theory of transnational citizenship.

PhD supervision interests

Post-Kantian social and political philosophy

Democratic theory


Normative theories of migration

Pia Riggirozzi

Research profile

My main research and teaching interests relate to the theory and practice of international political economy, with a particular focus on regional integration, governance and governance for development. I have a regional interest in the political economy of the Americas. My work looks at the various agreements, dynamics and constellations of actors, interests and power resources that define national and regional governance arrangements in Latin America; devoting particular attention to how these governance arrangements engage with democracy, inclusion, and social development.

I am currently working on an innovative research agenda on the relationship between regional integration and poverty reduction in Latin America. I explore theoretically and empirically two inter-related yet under-explored issues: the linkages between regional integration and social development; and the significance of regional and inter-regional agreements for social policy and social development.

Current project(s)

Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration: a comparative analysis of Southern regionalisms, as advanced by SADC and UNASUR, and health policies

Global and regional governance, especially the governance of health

Post-hegemonic regionalism in Latin America

The political economy of development in Latin America and the politics of ‘post-neoliberalism’

PhD supervision interests

Latin America

Political economy



Kamil Zwolski

Research profile

My current research interests include revolve around the theory and practice of European security governance, and particularly the security dimension of European integration theory. My first book, published in 2013, explored the role of the European Union as an international security actor. My forthcoming book revisits federalism and functionalism as long-forgotten, but highly relevant theories of international integration, in the context of European-Russian relations and the war in Ukraine. I have published in numerous academic journals, including Journal of Common Market Studies, Cooperation & Conflict, Journal of European Integration and Journal of European Public Policy.  

Current project(s)

European security governance following the war in Ukraine

PhD supervision interests

Theory and practice of European security governance

European integration theory and security architecture in Europe

Foreign and security policy of the European Union

War in Ukraine and its consequences for European security

Security policy and strategy of Central-Eastern European countries

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