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Film Studies at the University Southampton has established a strong research profile among its staff. This reputation was consolidated by the leadership of Professor Pam Cook, author of The Cinema Book, one of the most influential texts in the discipline (and voted best film book in a British Film Institute Sight and Sound readers' poll), who remains involved with Film at Southampton through her role as Emerita Professor.

The Film Studies Department was founded twenty years ago, making it one of the oldest and most established in the UK. The research culture in the Department is vigorous and staff produce many influential publications.

The Department has had a Masters programme since the mid-1990s and has produced a large number of PhDs that have gone on to success as academics and in other areas of cultural work. Our graduate students help foster a vibrant research culture that nurtures the distinctive and varied interests of staff.

In addition to more traditional products of research, in recent years, research has also embraced more varied formats such as speaking, hosting and judging at film festivals, DVD commentaries, legal consultancies, live music performances to films, writing blogs and appearing as experts on television documentaries.

“Having worked in a number of universities, I can testify that the University of Southampton without doubt is the most supportive and vibrant for research. Research students coming to Southampton can become part of a large and engaged community of mutually supportive researchers, who meet regularly with staff at research events such as CIFR’s regular succession of visiting speakers. The research culture here is outstanding.”

“I am really proud to have been part of Southampton’s vibrant, supportive and collegial research environment for over 20 years. Our brilliant staff and postgraduate students pursue distinct and innovative research in their own fields, but we also connect through our work in exploring key themes. Our combined expertise within CIFR across diverse historical, theoretical and industrial spheres thus enables us to offer both breadth and depth in the range of our publications, activities and research-led teaching.”

“Research is supported at every stage at Southampton. We are encouraged to think beyond the traditional limits of the discipline and towards collaboration with cross faculty and non-academic partners.”

Sharing knowledge

Our research seminars are open to all. They are a key part of the research culture at Southampton, and allow our students to hear leading researchers present their work, and ask them questions.  

Exploring film

Researchers investigate film from a range of methodological perspectives, including aesthetic, historical, socio-cultural, economic, and theoretical aspects. Visit our staff pages to see what we are working on.

Meet our research team

Our academics are leaders in their various disciplines, with national and international reputations for their work. Visit our staff pages to see what our academics are working on now.

Key facts

Film at Southampton was submitted with English in the national Research Excellence Framework and 95% of our research was judged to be 'World Leading' or 'Internationally Excellent'. 83% of our impact and 95% of our research environment were given the coveted 'World Leading' 4* top grade. Our joint submission has been ranked joint 8th in the field, and we're proud to be placed in the top 10% in the country. We're especially delighted that the relevance, and collegiality, of our research and research cultures have been recognised in this way.

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