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Research can be a lonely activity. Much research requires dedicated, intense study and reflection, periods of fierce concentration, and a great deal of hard work. At Winchester, we are developing new models for research that, while every bit as intense, are not so exclusively focused on the lone researcher.

Collaborations and teams are being established within the School, across the University, and with professionals and companies across the UK and internationally. Precise configurations change constantly, but we have collaborations active at time of writing with universities across Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia and the Pacific, and with fashion houses, galleries and museums, advertising and PR agencies, arts policy bodies and communications professionals on four continents.

We are especially keen to develop new collaborations in the NGO sector, and encourage staff and students to build and share new relationships throughout their time at WSA. Staff are also able to broker new purpose-specific teams by bringing in expertise from our extensive international networks, providing research services for individual clients and for emerging areas of concern and development.

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