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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science


Research in Geography and Environmental Sciences involves physical, environmental and social sciences. It focuses on many of today’s big questions such as climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development, social and health inequalities, poverty and recession. We work in the UK and across the world, making a difference to millions of people. Research within the school is organised around four research themes:

Population, Health and Wellbeing (PHeW)

We combine expertise in population, health and wellbeing with the application of technical excellence in geographic information systems (GIS), spatial analysis and qualitative methods. PHeW works on population geographies across time and space and future population measurement system, with a focus on care for vulnerable and marginalised groups concern for human-animal relations.

Landscape Dynamics and Ecology

We  work in geomorphology, ecology and at the interface of both subjects, with strengths in landscapes, environmental change and palaeoecology. Areas studied include northern regions, the tropics and islands.  We are international leaders in environmental sensing and quantitative spatial ecology. 

Environmental Change & Sustainability

We use satellite remote sensing and other technological tools to understand environmental change, its drivers and solutions, through modelling, analysis and prediction. Our focus is on understanding the sustainable use of natural resources. We work closely with stakeholders to ensure that our research is impactful by informing decision making and policy.

Economy, Society and Governance

We produce leading research into economies, their interrelationships with societies and cultures, and their regulation and governance. We examine the consequences for people and places, and the remaking of inequalities, differences and mobility across different spatial scales.

Within the school Geography and Environmental Science, specialized research and enterprise activities are undertaken within WorldPop, Centre for Environmental Sciences (CES), GeoData and the Palaeoenvironmental Laboratory at the University of Southampton (PLUS).


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