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AUDI3007 Clinical Placement

Module Overview

Aims and Objectives

Module Aims

To provide you with an opportunity to gain the knowledge, experience and expertise in audiology to ensure that you are prepared to enter the profession and undertake the breadth of practice expected of a newly qualified Healthcare Science Practitioner and as required for professional registration.

Learning Outcomes

Disciplinary Specific Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this module you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate safe, effective, empathetic, efficient and patient-centred practice in real-time as described in the Individual Record of Clinical Practice (IRCP) and with reference to appropriate national and local standards of practice such as published by the NHS (e.g. the principles and values that guide the NHS), your registration bodies (e.g. code of conduct) and your professional bodies. This includes clinical reasoning and problem-solving, communication with the public and other health care professionals, collaborative working in multidisciplinary teams and the ability to justify your decisions.
  • Critically evaluate clinical practice in the areas covered by the IRCP in terms of underpinning theory and evidence from a range of sources (including fundamental science, clinical studies, systematic reviews, guidelines and standards)
  • Demonstrate that you have met the relevant Core Dimensions and Indicators of the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF)
  • Explain the role and processes involved in clinical audit and service improvement
  • Reflect critically on, and self-motivate learning related to, your practice, your experiences, general practice and professionalism within audiology and health services, the feedback you receive, the feedback you give and the role of the Healthcare Science Practitioner.


See the Individual Record of Clinical Practice (IRCP) and placement handbooks Reflective practice and your Professional Development Portfolio The Knowledge & Skills Framework and your Professional Development Portfolio Further reflecting on your first placement period Preparation for your second placement period Employability and preparation for employment and registration Statutory and mandatory skills update

Special Features

Placement: guaranteed, organised and overseen by University. Students requiring reasonable adjustments to their placement activities need to ensure the placement co-ordinator is aware of these reasonable adjustments in sufficient time to provide them if appropriate. Many requests for reasonable adjustments can be accommodated.

Learning and Teaching

Teaching and learning methods

• Seminars • Observation of clinical practice • Participating in clinical practice under direct/indirect supervision (see Terms of Placement) • Self-directed study, including protected study time (half a day per week) • Receiving feedback on above • Tutorials • Open door policy by clinical supervisor

Follow-up work9
Completion of assessment task15
Work based learning524
Wider reading or practice20
Total study time600

Resources & Reading list

Placement Handbook. See Placement Handbook, the various resources on the Placement Website ( and briefings during Parts 1-3 of the programme.


Assessment Strategy

You must pass all five elements of the assessment individually to pass the module overall; in addition, you must pass all components, sections and sub-sections of the IRCP to pass the module overall. If you don’t pass all five elements of assessment individually, and therefore the module overall, you must retake the entire Year 3 including the full placement regardless of the score you achieved in other assessments. You cannot compensate for failing one or more of the elements of assessment by passing the others with greater than minimum marks. In recognition of the high workload of the placement and the interaction between the assignment, exam and PDF with the placement learning, one remediation opportunity is available for one or more of the following assessments to students who would otherwise fail that (those) assessment(s): the assignment, PDP and exam. (i.e. a student can access a remedial opportunity for any of those assessments that they initially fail, including all three, but only once.) The marks for remedial attempts at the assignment, PDP and exam will be capped at 40%. For the exam, the remediation opportunity will involve the student returning to the university. The deadline for the remediation opportunity might need to be such that the marks cannot be presented to the Exam Board in June; in which case, the marks will be presented to the Supplementary Exam Board in September, with the consequence of delaying when the degree is awarded (by 3-4 months) and delaying graduation (by one year). In short, the likely consequence of needing to take a remediation opportunity is that you delay your award by 3-4 months and graduation by one year. Placement: you must complete the 40-week clinical placement period and submit an evaluation of your placement experience. If you cannot because the Placement Centre removes you from placement due to your conduct, professional suitability or disciplinary matters or where patient safety is compromised (Section 9 of the Practice Placement Agreement) or because of the outcome of a fitness to practice process, you will be deemed to have failed the placement. IRCP: see Placement Handbook for details. This assesses Learning Outcome A. All three elements of this must be passed for successful completion of module: continuous assessment (via the second Pathbrite portfolio and your hard/paper copy), the Assessment Visit and the full completion of the competency signatures. You are eligible for the Assessment Visit only if you have completed the core Sections B1-B5 of the continuous assessment component by the due date of the Assessment Visit. Referral - Remediation opportunity is offered for the Referral Exam, Assignment and PDP elements of assessment during the module as described above. Method of repeat year: Repeat year internally only; must repeat placement from January to August (8 months).


MethodPercentage contribution
Assignment 30%
Examination  (120 minutes) 40%
Individual Record of Clinical Practice %
PDP 30%
Placement %


MethodPercentage contribution
Assignment 30%
Examination  (120 minutes) 40%
PDP 30%

Repeat Information

Repeat type: Internal

Linked modules

Pre-requisites: AUDI2009

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