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Courses / Modules / AUDI3011 Introduction to Clinical Placement

Introduction to Clinical Placement

When you'll study it
Semester 1
Level 6
Module lead
Daniel Rowan

Module overview

The module consists of 12 weeks of clinical placement between September to January in Semester 1 of Year 3.

See also the separate document Terms of Placement, which you will have accepted when accepting the offer of a placement; also available from

You must pass this module to progress into Semester 2 of Part 3 of the clinical pathway, which includes the second part of your clinical placement training and the assessment of your competence. If you do not pass this module, you can transfer to the non-clinical pathway, which does not include further clinical placement.

Two academic members of the University of Southampton Placement Team will independently assess the reports and IRCP to determine whether the learning outcomes have been met overall.

If the two assessors do not agree, a third assessor (usually also a member of the Placement Team) will adjudicate.

Linked modules

Pre-Requisite AUDI2006.

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