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Courses / Modules / CRIM6012 Contemporary Policing

Contemporary Policing

CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Jenny Fleming

Module overview

This module provides students with an overview of the historical origins and development of policing, with particular reference to the concept of 'new policing', the nature of contemporary police forces, and their organizational structures and working cultures. The module provides students with a systematic overview of the origins and development of key theoretical perspectives in police studies and locates the police within a broader framework of policing, security, regulation and governance. Contemporary Policing emphasises the diversity of the policing role and draws upon a variety of contexts in which policing is discussed and analysed. Students will examine operational policing through a series of case studies that explore ways in which police manage crime.

The module provides opportunities for the development of generic and transferable knowledge and skills associated with studying, independent learning and research.

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