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The University of Southampton

ECON6045 Research in Economics

Module Overview

This module provides an opportunity to MRes students to be exposed to state-of-the art research in the field of Economics, by attending the weekly departmental seminars and workshops that are run throughout semester 2. Departmental seminars are offered, once per week on Wednesday afternoon, by leading academics from other UK and International Institutions. Departmental workshops are typically offered by members of the Economics Department and take place on Tuesday afternoon. Papers presented range across all different fields of Economics (Micro, Macro, Applied Economics and Econometrics) and involve papers at different stages of their production, from draft to completion. Students will be coached in all the relevant aspects of the organization and attendance to the seminars will be encouraged to interact with the speakers, whenever appropriate.

Aims and Objectives

Learning Outcomes


This module is research based and has no syllabus.

Learning and Teaching

Teaching and learning methods

A. Regular attendance to weekly Departmental Seminars and Workshops, for 2 x 3h x 10w = 60 h over Semester 2 B. The course coordinator will provide guidance consisting of the dissemination of papers - whenever available- in advance of the presentations C. External presenter will be encouraged -and Internal presenter will be expected- to provide, whenever appropriate, some additional or introductory readings that students could independently access to deepen their understanding of the pieces of research D. Students will be encouraged to work in groups to analyse the primary scientific literature E. Students will be expected to attend all weakly workshops and seminars F. Students will be required to submit an executive summary for 10 of the presentations attended G. Students will be required to produce mock referee reports for two papers presented in workshops or seminars plus one mock referee report on a paper of their choice (chosen with the agreement of the module coordinator) H. Students will be required to present a paper (chosen with the help of the module coordinator)

Independent Study240
Total study time300

Resources & Reading list

Seminar/workshop resources. All those available to members of the Economics Department with regard to seminars and workshops



MethodPercentage contribution
Presentation  () 20%
Presentation report  () 50%
Report  ( words) 30%


MethodPercentage contribution
Report  ( words) 100%


MethodPercentage contribution
Report  ( words) 100%
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