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Courses / Modules / ENGL1087 Group Research Project

Group Research Project

When you'll study it
Semester 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 4
Module lead
Stephen Morton

Module overview

Do we really work better alone? Francis Bacon wrote that when a man discusses his ideas with a friend, ‘he waxeth wiser than himself; and that more by an hour’s discourse, than by a day’s meditation’. On this module, you will have the opportunity to benefit from ‘faithful counsel’ and ‘friendly discourse’ by working as part of a small group.

You will choose from a range of broad subject areas, each of which is led by a lecturer who specialises in the field. You will then work together in small groups to choose and develop your own research project, presenting it to your peers and then drafting, redrafting and revising a group essay online. Finally you will reflect individually on the entire process. The module gives you time and opportunity to experiment with different approaches and arguments, to offer and receive feedback, and to reflect upon the processes of your group and individual work. It aims to give you a good foundation in research, criticism, presentation skills, and writing, essential not only for the rest of your degree, but for your future careers. And it shows how the study of English literature can be personally rewarding by being collaborative and sociable, rather than solitary.

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