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Courses / Modules / MATH3032 Mathematical Investigation and Communication

Mathematical Investigation and Communication

When you'll study it
Semester 1
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Level 6
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Module overview

The module consists of three parts :

1. Introductory/revision lectures on the use of mathematical resources for original research, report writing, oral presentation skills and associated report and presentation software (1 week).

2. Group research project (in suitably sized teams) on a topic from a list of provided topics, followed by submission of a group report and an oral presentation. All group members will be expected to play a significant role in the mathematical input, report writing and oral presentation (5 weeks).

3. Independent research project, undertaken from a list of provided topics, followed by submission of a type written report up to 15 single sides of A4 (5 weeks). Although the presentation and report skills form an essential component of the assessment, students

should note that a significant proportion of the final marks will be for the mathematical content or the mathematical problem-solving skills demonstrated. The final mark will be made up from the written individual report (60%), written group report (25%), and oral presentation (15%). The mark assigned to the group report and presentation will be received by all members of the group, unless there is good evidence for the need to vary it. The ability to organise yourself (both independently and in collaboration with others) and to work to a strict deadline will be of great importance in this module. Staff members will deliver the programmed lectures and provide general advice throughout the module, but the ultimate responsibility for the mathematical research work, report writing and presentation will be down to the students, either individually or collectively as a project group.

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