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Courses / Modules / NPMS3035 Future Professional Practice: Influencing Innovation and Change 1

Future Professional Practice: Influencing Innovation and Change 1

When you'll study it
Term 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Margaret O'Brien
Academic year

Module overview

This module aims to develop students’ skills in relation to leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. The module will provide knowledge, understanding and preparation for transition into contemporary professional practice within a dynamic health and social care environment. Through completion of the module learning students acquire an understanding of the legal, political and cultural contexts in which professional practice occurs. It will allow students the opportunity to explore diverse professional futures and envision their career trajectories in a range of situations. As part of this module, students will be invited to attend an employability week.

The module will require students to evaluate current structures of funding and organisation of health & social care in the light of health and well-being imperatives. It will also ask students to compare and contrast international systems of health & social care and provide an opportunity to exercise creativity in predicting what shape future services might take. It will require students to consider how they will ensure high quality provision even within financial constraints.

The module will explore technical and resource innovations in professional and service delivery and encourage students to think of themselves as future leaders and change agents. Students will consider professional practice in relation to developing societal trends, government policy, research evidence, legislation and ethics. Such learning is then extended by supporting students in identifying and critically analysing novel and emerging areas of practice. Leadership, management and business development are all included in the module teaching, in order for students to critically appraise different service delivery structures and models (for example, social enterprise).

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