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Courses / Modules / PRES0014 Academic Reading (Pre-sessional LLM)

Academic Reading (Pre-sessional LLM)

Level 3
Module lead
Jonathan Leader
Academic year

Module overview

This module is non-credit bearing and forms part of the Pre-sessional LLM Programme in which you study

academic speaking, academic listening, academic reading and academic writing to prepare you for

postgraduate legal studies. You also develop your independent learning skills through Independent Study

sessions, and learn about online resources for law, study skills and language development.

The module focuses closely on the type of reading that you will need to do on your LLM programme and

includes learning how to read and summarise cases effectively; developing your reading skills (e.g. critical

thinking, predicting, skimming, scanning) through work on texts based on cases, statutes and non-binding

sources; improving your understanding of complex legal sentences and of key legal terms.

The module also involves reading, completing, and critically evaluating online learning materials, some

specifically related to law, others to language skills on which you need to focus.

The reading module is taught in conjunction with the writing module as these skills often overlap; for

example, the ability to read critically is also an important skill for effective academic legal writing. As a result,

you will be expected to practise a range of skills in the same class.

The reading module follows the University of Southampton Pre-sessional LLM Programme Reading and Writing


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