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Courses / Modules / SESM3034 Semester in Industry Project with Reflective Engineer

Semester in Industry Project with Reflective Engineer

When you'll study it
Semester 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Mohamed Moshrefi-Torbati
Academic year

Module overview

The individual project in industry is a learning experience that enables you to carry out independent research and bring together many of the concepts you have been learning in Parts I and II. You will conduct your project through careful planning, research and execution of the tasks while developing critical judgement and engineering competence. The work from this project will provide you with the opportunity to produce information or results which can be of immediate engineering value, and are perhaps worthy of publication. You should consult the section "Individual Project" in the Part III course book for details regarding conducting the project, meetings, forms required and important deadline dates. You are expected to spend more time doing an Individual Project in Industry, than time spent on an individual project at the University. This is reflected in the higher credit worthiness of the Project in

Industry. You will have an industrial supervisor who will advise you on a regular basis and hold meetings with you to review your progress and discuss the work. You will also have an academic advisor that you can contact mainly by Email, telephone or on-line video conferencing. The academic supervisor and/or the Industrial Coordinator will visit you at least once during your placement. After about 7 weeks into your placement, a review meeting will be held between the academic and industrial supervisors to discuss your progress up to that point. If you are judged to have been successful in carrying the work forward, then you will continue with the placement, otherwise the placement will be terminated and you will have to take on an individual project.

During the Semester in Industry you are required to keep a personal development log using the Blackboard blogging facility. You will be provided with an electronic notepad so that you may readily upload handwritten notes (e.g. sketches, meeting notes) on the blog. In the blog you should include details of work that you carry out on a day to day basis including plan of work for the day, description of the activity (e.g. literature search, experiment, design calculations, computer simulations), notes from meetings, details of papers or books found or read and a summary of their main points, calculations, measured or calculated data, graphs and a discussion of the results. You should also periodically write in your blog a critical reflection and assessment of your work and reassess the direction of the work and accordingly revise your plan of work. The blog will be periodically reviewed by your University supervisor who will give you feedback on the blog and the project.

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