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Courses / Modules / ENGL9089 English for Academic Study (EAS) Part C

English for Academic Study (EAS) Part C

Level 3
Module lead
Victoria Rowe
Academic year

Module overview

This module forms part of the English for Academic Study Programme (EAS) in which you study Academic Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. You will also attend Independent Learning workshops to further develop your critical thinking and study skills necessary to succeed at the University.

English for Academic Study C is designed for students who have not achieved the level required to progress on to their degree programme at the end of EAS Part B. Also, students wishing to continue and consolidate their language skills may choose to do Part C.

The final pass mark is dependent on the mark you need to progress on to your substantive degree programme. You cannot repeat this or either of the earlier two parts of the EAS programme if you do not achieve the marks you need. However you will be given advice about your future academic career.

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