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Courses / Modules / ENVS3018 Environmental Management Research Project

Environmental Management Research Project

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Simon Kemp
Academic year

Module overview

The Environmental Management Research Project is a learning experience that enables you to carry out professional research within a placement organisation and bring together information, concepts and key skills gained during your undergraduate career culminating in the submission of your final year practical independent research project and professional development portfolio (PDP).

The module preparation takes place in semester 1 of the final (third) year of the programme, in parallel with ENVS3017 ‘The Sustainability Professional’. The module placement within an external partner organisation takes place from the start of February in Semester 2 until mid April lasting a total of 10 weeks. Students will complete the practical independent research project in partnership with the placement organisation, and might have the opportunity to continue working with the organisation (subject to satisfactory outcomes and a position being available) upon completion of the course.

Projects will be designed in partnership between students, the programme coordinator, and the placement organisation. The projects will be developed in line with the interests and career aspirations of the student. They will have a strong focus on the professional and academic environmental science and management skills and understanding developed through the programme.

All project students will be assigned a dedicated member of the Environmental Sciences academic staff as Supervisor. However, cross curricular links are encouraged and you may be Co-supervised by an academic from a different grouping.

You will be required to maintain close and regular contact with your supervisory team throughout the placement period. Support materials will be placed on Blackboard, our student learning interface, and supported by dedicated unit documentation, which you will receive at module launch. The documentation will include advice on project planning, execution, analysis, and general professional conduct whilst working within the placement organisation. Additional support materials will be provided relating to the skills necessary to complete the research project successfully, including advice on writing, and on milestones, important key dates, and deliverables.

You will also be required to submit a ‘Professional Development Portfolio’ (PDP) analysing the development of your professional skills through the placement. You will be supported through this process by the module lead. You will be issued with documentation on PDP production, milestones, skills development and monitoring, reporting, analysis, and general professional conduct.

Linked modules

Pre-requisite: ENVS1005 and ENVS1006 and ENVS1007 and ENVS2006 and ENVS2007 and ENVS3013 and ENVS3017

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