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Courses / Modules / FEEG6018 Professional and Research Skills

Professional and Research Skills

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Denis Kramer

Module overview

This module provides you with a generic professional and research skills base to build upon during your studies. Study is divided into a number of complementary elements including, for example, “Technical Writing Skills”, “Presenting Your Research”, “Research Methodology for Scientists & Engineers” and “Ethics and Research Data Management”.

Some topics are delivered in partnership with The Doctoral College Professional Development Programme that has been established to enhance the University's central provision for postgraduate researchers. Working alongside the academic disciplines, the Programme fosters best practice in researcher development and delivers a range of skills training and personal development opportunities to meet the needs of researchers from across the disciplines.

The sections that you study will depend upon the programme on which you are enrolled (see below).

With advice from your Programme Director, you select to enrol on additional elements that best fulfil your individual training requirements. Most training activities are timetabled throughout the academic year.

The lectures are complemented by examples and opportunities to practice, in which techniques are highlighted to enhance competency in the areas being studied. Coursework is used to provide both formative and summative assessment. Presentations and summative peer feedback is used to develop application skills.

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