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Courses / Modules / GEOG6079 Topographic Data Analysis Techniques and Applications (ODL)

Topographic Data Analysis Techniques and Applications (ODL)

When you'll study it
Term 3
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Jadu Dash
Academic year

Module overview

The conventional two-dimensional plane shown in remote sensing images neglects the 3D space of the real world. As 3D data collection and visualization techniques become more common, remote sensing techniques, which exploit these features, not only ensure the realization of real-time 3D visualization, but also better interpretation of remote sensing images.

Aims of this unit are to:

  • introduce three dimensional remote sensing techniques and contemporary methods of deriving topographic information from three dimensional remote sensing and photogrammetric data;
  • provide students with practical experience and training of interpreting and processing three dimensional remotely sensed data.
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