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Courses / Modules / MANG6476 International Corporate Social Responsibility

International Corporate Social Responsibility

When you'll study it
CATS points
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Level 7
Module lead
Taposh Roy
Academic year

Module overview

This module covers the development of the concept and the meaning of the terms ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR) in an international context; how CSR is being implemented in today’s corporations, its impact and likely future directions. The module summarises the latest thinking of the strategic significance of CSR, and how CSR goes to the heart of the way in which businesses and their managers make decisions and conduct their activities. The module also explores how businesses can develop and adopt sustainable business models to secure a positive future for themselves and the world in which they operate. In the process, the module considers how CSR can lead to innovation, new business opportunities and towards solutions to many of today’s business, social and environmental problems. A key aim of the module is to enable you to understand the role and responsibilities of business and managers/owners in the context of the wider society and the future global challenges.

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