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Courses / Modules / NPMS1023 Practice Experience 2a

Practice Experience 2a

When you'll study it
Term 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 4
Module lead
Ellen Kitson-Reynolds
Academic year

Module overview

The practice experience provides a work-based environment to enable you to apply the theoretical knowledge and skills learnt in academic module/s, and to develop, consolidate, and enhance the practice knowledge, skills and attitudes required for a midwife.

This is a core module for attendance and the completion of required skills and EU and programme requirements. This module is not assessed however you are required to maintain the competencies achieved at the end of Practice experience 2. You must complete all year 1 skills to achieve a successful completion to year one. It is a course requirement to meet the NMC requirements of 45 programmed weeks per year with a minimum of 50% in clinical practice.

Maximum capacity 40 balanced across MSc and BSc programmes subject to placement capacity and commissions. Current commissions from Health education Wessex are 23 between the Bachelors and Masters programmes

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