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Courses / Modules / NQCG3146 High Acuity Care Across the Lifespan (Level 6)

High Acuity Care Across the Lifespan (Level 6)

When you'll study it
Term 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Pamela Diggens

Module overview

This module aims to equip Health Care Professionals to meet the demands of care services which may require them in the future to work differently and collegiately across diverse care settings and contexts. This module will explore commonalities and differences across the lifespan of children, younger people, adult and older person who have high acuity care needs; this includes acutely/critically ill and level 1 and 2 patients. This module is aimed at health care professionals who wish to increase their knowledge, skills and understanding of caring for high acuity patients.

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