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Courses / Modules / PAIR6066 International Political Economy

International Political Economy

When you'll study it
Semester 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Russell Bentley
Academic year

Module overview

This postgraduate module will equip students with a critical understanding of the competing politics, ideas and power relations within modern capitalism. The course will be entirely accessible to students with no background in economics. We will examine international political economy (IPE) through a framework which transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries between politics and economics. Students will explore the key theories in the field, such as liberalism, marxism, feminism and economic nationalism. Contemporary themes and issues are addressed, including finance, production, global heating, and the various ways in which capitalism is racialised. Students will be encouraged to think critically about these issues through the study of various regimes, institutions, power relationships and hierarchies.

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