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Ancient History and Philosophy (BA)

Bachelor of Arts
Length of course
3 years, starts September 2020
Course type
UCAS course code

About this course

This degree will take you on a journey through the ancient world. While studying the past, you’ll tackle timeless philosophical questions such as: Is there a god? What is morality? Can there be objective facts? By combining ancient history with philosophy, you’ll gain an authoritative overview of the history of modern thought, starting with the works of Ancient Greek philosophers like Plato and Socrates.

You’ll have the choice of a wide range of topics from Ancient Egypt to the rise of Islam in the Middle East. You can also explore what happened during the conquests of Alexander the Great and at the end of the Roman Empire. On this course you can:

  • learn from experts in the ancient world and philosophy (including history, archaeology, ancient and modern languages and literature, and film)

  • explore philosophical questions such as ethics, reason, responsibility and the nature of reality

  • study issues such as the duties of affluent people towards those living in poverty

  • learn Latin and Ancient Greek

  • spend a semester at a university abroad in Europe, the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea or Australia

You’ll learn transferable skills that will prove valuable to further study or a variety of careers.

You can download the course details, including modules, in the programme specificationPDF opens in a new window (PDF, 322.04 KB).

Location and awarding body

The course location is Avenue campus in Southampton. The awarding body is University of Southampton.