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Courses / Modules / ARTD1114 Interrogate, Investigate, Instigate

Interrogate, Investigate, Instigate

When you'll study it
Semester 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 4
Module lead
Vanissa Wanick Vieira
Academic year

Module overview

Through a series of interconnected projects, you will be introduced to a range of activities and workshops to engage in design thinking and design research processes connected to game making. This includes field trips, observational drawing, critical thinking, design thinking, game asset creation, prototyping and project management methodologies. Starting points will be provided to engage in an analytical and reflective process that will culminate in a portfolio of work that translates and communicates your ideas via a series of game making approaches that evidence your learning. Each project alongside your creative investigation will culminate in a games related artefact, prototypes and a series of outcomes. The learning within each project will build throughout the semester and you will start to create a personal toolkit for your own game making and creative investigation.

The last project in the module will culminate in outward facing pop up arcade event held on campus.

Your portfolio should consist of all studio work developed over the course of the semester, including evidence of workshop and tutorial activities, all sketchbooks, research, annotation and preparatory material alongside outcomes specified within the projects.