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Courses / Modules / CENV1026 Design and Computing for Civil Engineers

Design and Computing for Civil Engineers

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 4
Module lead
Alastair McDonald
Academic year

Module overview

This course develops your skills in design and computing.

In the computing component you will be introduced to the fundamentals of programming using the Python language. You will have access to e-learning materials for familiarisation with AutoDesk for 2D and 3D design and visualisation.

In the design component you will gain knowledge and skills in design by tackling a range of problems during the two January design weeks, culminating in a Design Project that runs through semester 2. Design representation through sketching, technical drawing, model making and prototyping is taught as a key part of the design process as well as for final communication of output. Design lectures encompass the history of engineering and architecture (showing how the design of structures has developed over time, referring constantly to cultural and technological developments) and on structural form and its relationship to material choice.

You can develop your hands-on practical engineering skills at the City College Workshop training course.

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