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Courses / Modules / EDUC6340 Context of Lifelong Learning

Context of Lifelong Learning

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Level 7
Module lead
Michaela Brockmann
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Module overview

We will focus on particular aspects of lifelong and work-related learning that have been high on the political agenda. Drawing on theories of sociology of education we will critically examine relevant policies (historic and current) and the impact these have had on practice and the people (learners) they are aimed at.

In the sessions we will investigate various areas of lifelong learning, such as vocational, further and higher education, the relationship between them, as well as particular aspects of education, such as curriculum development and Special Educational Needs. We will explore these from a macroperspective

(including the political and economic conditions that have shaped policy on, for example, lifelong learning and widening participation) and at a meso-level (for example, in relation to the

evolving institutional landscape of FE and HE). We will further examine the impact these contexts have on individual learners, such as on apprentices.

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