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Courses / Modules / HLTH6189 Complex Care in Older People

Complex Care in Older People

When you'll study it
Semester 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 7
Module lead
Katherine Hunt
Academic year

Module overview

The module will introduce you to key ideas underpinning complexity theory in relation to older people's health and social care; that is, in complex systems, unpredictably and paradox are ever present. You will be able to test and explore these ideas in relation to real-life clinical case studies presented online, pertaining to older people from culturally diverse backgrounds with multiple health conditions.

At the start of the module you will select a case study and complete a series of guided questions and activities (individual and group, online and face to face) related to that complex case involving an older person; the case will allow you to examine the evidence base, and evaluate the key principles of complexity science in relation to older peoples’ healthcare.

It will deepen your understanding of theoretical ideas and technology-based approaches pertinent to complex care and older people, and provide opportunities for you to develop and apply a critical awareness of scholarship in the field of complex care and active ageing.

In summary, the module provides a comprehensive overview of current evidence and approaches in relation to complex care in older adults primarily using web-based case studies. It provides opportunities to critically reflect on your attitudes, beliefs and values in respect of assessing and meeting the needs, whilst respecting the dignity and rights of older people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

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