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Duplicate of Criminal Law [AJP]

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 5
Module lead
Mark Telford
Academic year

Module overview

This version of Criminal Law is delivered for you if you are studying the LLB JD Pathway, the LLB Accelerated programme or the LLB Law with Psychology programme. This module provides an introduction to the substantive criminal law, and to fundamental aspects of criminal law in its broader criminal justice and societal context. It will examine the use of criminal law, and its associated processes, as a mode of governing individual and social conduct. It will provide: a critical introduction to principles and practices of criminalization; a critical introduction to the doctrinal building blocks of criminal liability and responsibility, and the opportunity to apply these building block principles, as well as the contextual material, to selected case studies.

It also focuses on providing a foundation in the key LLB Programme and QA Law Benchmark skills learning outcomes of: developing an ability to produce a synthesis of relevant doctrinal and policy issues, presentation of a reasoned choice between alternative solutions and critical judgement of the merits of particular arguments.; and developing the ability to apply knowledge and understanding to offer evidenced conclusions, addressing complex actual or hypothetical problems.