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International Sale of Goods DL

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International commodity sales, located in the centre of a commercial network, are the driving force for marine transportation and cargo insurance. The international commodity market (including oil, as well as grain, foodstuffs, bulk ore) accounts for over 80 percent of global tonnage of goods shipped, with some of the largest companies in the world as players. The c.i.f. and f.o.b. contracts, which hold unique features over the generations of development, form the backbone of this market. This course covers the law of international sale of goods on shipment terms, represented by c.i.f. and f.o.b. contracts. It concentrates on English law that governs most contracts for international trading of commodities, wherever the trading parties may be in the world. It examines how English common law and the accompanying Sale of Goods Act 1979 help resolve disputes which arise, whether in litigation or arbitration, between international sellers and buyers around the world.