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Courses / Modules / MEDI5021 Academic Elective

Academic Elective

When you'll study it
Semester 2
Level 6
Module lead
Harnish Patel

Module overview

This module provides the students with the opportunity to reflect on their experience gained in different placements and health care settings during their programme, especially Final year; especially in context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. The broad aim is to demonstrate how these experiences and synthesised evidence will impact the student’s future professional practice.

This module option requires

1.Students to reflect on their experiences on all placements but in particular Final Year Medicine, Surgery and Primary Medical Care and to write a reflective account (MS word, no word limit).

2.Write an essay (MS word, 2000 words, minimum 20 references) and to also peer mark a colleague’s essay providing comprehensive feedback

The reflective account should incorporate aspects of the student’s personal experiences alongside reflections on the patient experience, the healthcare services delivered and the impact on healthcare professionals, individually and as a multidisciplinary team. The reflective account should also address how the COVID pandemic impacts different population groups and can be used as a basis of the essay.

The essay should be evidence based and referenced from research and articles from the media and wider academic literature that have emerged over the last year. The content may cover areas such as prioritisation of service delivery and the difficult choices that leaders in healthcare have had to make during the pandemic. Students may also want to write about global health inequalities the pandemic has revealed as well as the global health response to the pandemic in terms of testing and vaccine development.

The Faculty will not be didactic on the essay titles. However, we will provide key words that the student should use to develop their own title and use to build the essay content. Suggestions include:

1.Global health

2.Health inequalities

3.COVID -19 pandemic

4.Health care related travel

5.Mass testing


7.Ethical choices

8.UK NHS compared to other health care models


10.Clap for heroes


12.Health care worker well being

13.Professional development

The list is not exhaustive and students can opt to write about an area related to the current health care situation they feel passionate about.

Students will be expected to peer-mark another assignment from this module and provide constructive feedback to their peer. There will be clear marking guidance and grade descriptors provided to support students to undertake the peer marking. All written work and evidence of peer marking will be required to be uploaded onto Blackboard Grade Centre.

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