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Feasibility Study

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Stuart Middleton
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Module overview

The supervisory team involved in this module will normally be the same team working with the student through the PhD project (years 2-4 of the iPhD). The project itself will be in the form of a feasibility study and will establish important groundwork for their research. The students will need to conduct a literature review, and individual impact assessment using the skills and techniques for RI established through Semesters 1 and 2. With the guidance of their supervisors, the student will identify a set of possible research questions, place these in the context of the state of the art and broader interdisciplinary context, elucidate the key challenges associated with them, and conduct some preliminary modelling/development to underpin the feasibility of the proposed approach.

During the first couple of weeks of the summer project, the students (and supervisors) we take part in a one-day ideas generation workshop with Creativity@home. Teams will be supported to brainstorm activities that may add value during the research phase of the programme, including novel ways in which their research can be documented and presented as they move through to years 2-4.