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Courses / Modules / PRES0009 Academic Listening (Pre-sessional 6)

Academic Listening (Pre-sessional 6)

Level 3
Module lead
Christina Kirk
Academic year

Module overview

This module is non-credit bearing and forms part of Pre-sessional 6 in which you study Academic Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. You also attend Independent Learning workshops to develop the critical thinking and study skills necessary to succeed at University in the UK.

Academic listening is taught in conjunction with Academic Speaking as these skills often overlap; for example, spoken interaction requires both skills and the aim of this module is to help develop a more general communicative competence. This means that the separate Academic Listening and Speaking modules will appear on your timetable as a combined ‘Listening and Speaking’ teaching session. The Academic Listening module follows the University of Southampton Pre-sessional 6 Listening and Speaking syllabus and has specific assessments for this module.

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