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Courses / Modules / PSIO1033 Placement Experiences

Placement Experiences

When you'll study it
Whole Academic Year
Level 4
Module lead
Joanna Kileff
Academic year

Module overview


Placement Experience Week is a university-based learning opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge developed in the first semester to the practice environment. Learners will also develop an appreciation of the scope of physiotherapy and are introduced to the four-pillars of practice and different practice-based learning opportunities available throughout their training.

It will provide opportunity to:

Recognise the scope of physiotherapy across the four-pillars of practice (clinical, leadership & management, facilitation of learning and research & evaluation)

Develop a broad awareness of the different clinical specialisms within physiotherapy, ensuring all students have the relevant experience to draw on as they move through their training into clinical skills

Orientate to the clinical environment and observe interaction and communication between patients and heath care professionals

Develop skills in reflective practice, identifying and setting personal learning objectives and understanding the skills required to succeed in a practice-based learning environment

Integration of Patients

This week exposes students to people living with conditions that they may come across in all core areas of physiotherapy. This links to work carried out in other level 4 modules where the assessment and treatment of specific conditions is investigated at a foundation level.

A core focus of the clinical skills module that follows Placement Experience Week is person centred care, and within this week there will be an opportunity to hear from patients about their illness experience and specifically their experience of physiotherapy.

Learning Activities


Facilitated discussion groups

Virtual patient sessions

Opportunity to speak with clinicans and patients

Self-directed learning, including reflective practice

Teaching and Learning Methods

Learning is facilitated by academic staff, external clinicans and students in later year groups who have had practice-based learning experiences themselves.