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Courses / Modules / PSYC8047 Research Thesis

Research Thesis

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Level 8
Module lead
Peter Lawrence
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Module overview

Trainees will identify a core research topic that will form the basis of their research thesis. Trainees will review relevant theoretical, empirical and professional practice literatures to generate clearly defined research questions and select appropriate research methods for data collection and analysis. Trainees will engage with the implications of their proposed research for clinical psychology science and practice, and associated ethical implications. Trainees will gain experience of managing a research project and research budget.

Towards the end of year 1 trainees will identify a team of supervisors (one of whom must be a member of Academic Staff in the Psychology AU) who will provide support and guidance throughout the thesis. Trainees work with their supervisory team to develop a research proposal that provides a clear rationale for the project, identify testable research questions and hypotheses, and specifies the methods of data collection and analysis. The research proposal is submitted in Yr 2 for approval by supervisors and the module coordinator. Following approval trainees apply for the project to be approved by the University of Southampton Ethics and Research Governance Office (ERGO), and external ethics committees and R&D departments where appropriate. Data collection and analysis is completed throughout years 2 and 3. The thesis is submitted towards the end of Sem 2 Yr 3. Trainees present their thesis findings at the annual Postgraduate Research Conference (June, Yr 3), and for viva in the summer of Yr 3. Trainees subsequently amend their thesis in accordance with the examiner reports and archive the ratified thesis with the Graduate School. Where appropriate, trainees are asked to prepare their research for submission to a suitable peer-reviewed journal prior to completing the Programme.