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Level 7 Dissertation

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Level 7
Module lead
Jennifer Byrne
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Module overview

This module is a 30 ECT (60 CAT) independent research project which allows you to embark on a program of independent reading, writing and refinement of your research proposal that will help prepare you for working on your PhD project during the second and subsequent years of the program.

This 30-credit assessment is coursework-only and consists of three elements:

  • submission of a refined or redeveloped version of your research proposal (up to 6,000 words) focusing predominantly on a detailed outline of your intended methodology
  • a single 6-8,000 word report written in the style of a journal article
  • presentation of the work that is contained in the report (possibly as part of a project mini-conference)

Your work for the module report may consist of a substantial section of literature review in an area that is well connected to your intended research for the Integrated PhD. You may, if you wish, include an empirical research component, as part of the work for the module report, although it is not a requirement to do so. An examples of empirical work of suitable scale and scope would be attempting to undertake some modest pilot work relevant to your proposed study, or to conduct a validation of a specific research instrument that forms part of the data collection for your proposed study.

Important dates for the module

There are three major milestones: submission of the revised/redeveloped research proposal, submission of a draft version of your module report for formative feedback, and submission of the final module report for assessment. You should agree these submission dates with your supervisor at the outset. All work needs to be completed and submitted by the end of Semester 1 in Year 2 of the Integrated PhD.