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Courses / Modules / MATH2047 Mathematics for Electronics & Electrical Engineering Part II

Mathematics for Electronics & Electrical Engineering Part II

When you'll study it
Semester 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 5
Module lead
Lu Yu
Academic year

Module overview

The aims of this module are to:

  • Give students a solid grounding in mathematical methods and ideas in areas relevant to applications in engineering: Fourier series, Fourier transforms, eigenvalues, eigenvectors and eigenfunctions, linear ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, and vector calculus.

Feedback and student support during module study (formative assessment)

  • 3 coursework assignments which are collected up, marked and returned.
  • coursework assignments, solutions and past examination papers are available on website.

Please see Blackboard for MATH2047 module information.

One of the pre-requisites for MATH3083 and MATH3084

Linked modules

Pre-requisite: MATH1055