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Courses / Modules / PAIR2044 Challenges to European Integration

Challenges to European Integration

When you'll study it
Semester 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 5
Module lead
Kamil Zwolski
Academic year

Module overview

The European integration project has achieved a point, at which fundamental questions concerning its near and long-term future need to be urgently addressed. Unfortunately, the current debates are often hindered by the loud and dominant voices of extremist political groupings, or by path-dependency and incrementalism, stemming from the perceptions of what appears feasible in the current political, economic and social context. The proposed module Imagining European Futures will seek to overcome these shortcomings by inviting students of all disciplines to come up with bold, creative and innovative ideas concerning the desired shape of European integration, whilst teaching students how to ground these ideas in a thoroughly researched empirical context.

The module will introduce students to the key dilemmas of European integration, followed by the thorough training in creative, yet analytically sound research enquiry and discovery. The module will be based around the revolutionary pedagogy of research-based teaching and learning. It will offer students the opportunity to engage with the most important and interesting questions of European integration in the context of the learning structure replicating real-world research activities, such as peer-review or presenting at conferences.

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